Contract manufacturing & Analysis

We can assist clients in making agreements or contracts - contracts and other legal documents required, either by the client as to the personal or company name.

We can assist clients in making and analysis of contracts - contracts as follows:

* Sale and Purchase Agreement
- Sell buy Moil
- Offers to buy cars with installment
- Offers to buy land & house
- Sell Land & Houses to buy the rights to buy back
- Offers to buy Air Conditioning (AC) & Other Electric Equipment
* Hire Rental Agreement
- Rent Rent a Land
- Hire Furniture Rental Houses
- Rent Rent a house
- Rent Rent a shop / Place of Business
- Rent Renting Houses & Shops (commercial)
- Rent Rent a garden
* Agreement
- Cooperation Restaurant Opening
- Partnership Business - Other business
* Agreements Debt & Penjaminanya
* Agreement chartering Jobs
* Trade Exchange Agreement
* Treaty of Peace
* Agreement nursery goods
* Agreement to borrow using
* Power of Attorney Agreement
* Agreement to borrows
* Grant Agreement
* And others - others

Given the important role legal documents, then the creation of legal documents should be considered correct, both in the contents and the legal side, given a legal document can be declared null and void / not apply if it is a legal document was contrary to the rules applicable law.

If your company, want to use our services in the manufacture of or analyzes corporate contracts, please select the service below:

Making Services Contract / Agreement

Analysis Service Contract / Agreement