Kantor Hukum Sri Suharyono,SH & Rekan (Law Office of Sri Suharyono, SH & Partners) are supported by experienced advocates to assist and serve the people of civil society and or non-civilians who are victims of crime or criminal offense to make a chronological, analyze problems, assist, provide legal advice , then report the crime to the police, overseeing the inquiry, investigation, helped compile the evidence and coordinate witnesses, coordinating with police investigators, prosecutors, oversee and supervise the proceedings in court until the final verdict and evaluate and provide reports to the victim about the outcome of the court.

In addition to theKantor Hukum Sri Suharyono,SH & Rekan ( Law Office of Sri Suharyono, SH & Partners)  also provide services and legal assistance to members of the public who is accused / suspected / accused of committing a crime by the investigator, prosecutors by providing assistance and legal advice during the process of investigation by the police investigators and prosecutors, and defense and then provide assistance in the trying in the court, helped compile the evidence and coordinate witnesses, accepted the decision, appeal and cassation and the efforts of law or judicial review.


The scope of that included in the criminal case, among others:
1. Theft
2. Murder
3. Persecution
4. Domestic Violence (KRDT)
5. Embezzlement
6. Fraud
7. Abduction
8. Insult and unpleasant deeds
9. Destroying an eye out other people's stuff
10. Extortion
11. Misuse of Drugs and Psychotropic
12. Rape and Breach Decency / abuse
13. Adultery
14. Libel
15. Corruption
16. etc.

The procedure


1. Make / prepare the chronological events
2. Conduct consultations with the Law Office of Sri Suharyono, SH & Partners
3. Create, signed power of attorney and legal assistance treaty
4. Perform the steps given by the Law Office of Sri Suharyono, SH & Partners



The Cost of services and legal aid depends on difficulty of the case. The poor people will recieve free services legal assistanceor  free of charge / no charge for services advocate.